Chrome Extension – Midnight Lizard

Morning folks.

I don’t know which browser you prefer to use when you use the internet, there are so many to choose from. I’ve enjoyed using Chrome for a number of years but recently it seemed to have some issues eg. slow to load up and slow to load new pages. So I decided to move to the new Microsoft Edge and so far I am impressed. Time will tell though.

Not sure if you know there are things called ‘extensions’ which you can add to your browser if it is Chrome or based on Chrome. You get them here. There are plenty of videos on YouTube telling you about the ’10 Best Extensions For Chrome’ and such like. I don’t intend to re-invent the wheel but would point you to this video by a chap called TechGumbo which contains some good extensions. The one in the video  I like particularly is called Midnight Lizard, which enables you to change the colour of your browser screen colour so it is easier on the eye.