Nuisance phone calls remedy

Image result for Mr number apkDo you get nuisance calls on your mobile phone? Most of us do.

Here is an app that I use and recommend. It is called Mr Number and you can get it from the Google Play Store here.

Once you have downloaded it and gone through the set up, click on the SETTINGS icon in the bottom right corner. Then click on CALL SETTINGS. Here you have various options to choose from;

Contacts Only – this blocks all calls from anyone who isn’t on your contacts list.
Scam and Fraud calls – known scam numbers are blocked and sent straight to your voicemail or you can have a warning message saying they are fraud. I choose the block option.
Suspected spam calls – same options as above. I choose to block.
Calls from private numbers – same two options as above. I choose Show Warning because my doctors surgery hides their number and wouldn’t get through to me otherwise.
Calls from saved contacts – Show caller ID or Do nothing. I choose Show caller ID.
All other incoming calls – I choose Show caller ID

Under OUTGOING CALLS you get the option to Show caller ID or do nothing. I choose to Show caller ID

Under TEXT MESSAGING SETTINGS I tick the box to allow names to be shown in the call log.

Under NOTIFICATION SETTINGS there are numerous different settings. I just leave them as they are.

If you have numbers that you have already blocked on your phone prior to installing the app you can add them to a BLOCK LIST. On the bottom of the screen you should see the Block List icon. Click on it and then click on the + sign. You have four options to choose from
Enter a number
Recent calls or texts
Choose from contacts
Numbers that begin with

Choose which is appropriate for you.

Hope you enjoy using it and have less nuisance calls.

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